Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hitting On All Cylinders

The BullRiders Union pulled into Texas for a fun day of music at Kweller's LakeFest July 5th
This was really an extended all day jam. I spent more than 8 hours playing, and we ended up the night at 12:30 with an awesome FireWorks Show as we left the stage. I was in heaven. Shared the stage and rocked the house down in the end. Special thanks to Howie Kweller, Ben Kweller, Scotty Wray, John Kent, Carlo Falco, and the crowd.    The next day, I realized that at my age, these things still happen.  Hope all is well. Still a busy boy, but I gotta take some time off soon.
Links will be posted soon to photos and vids on YouTube. Happy Bday Ringo.
Oh and thanks to the crew. You guys had it the hardest, and made things happen.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I have hardly had time to stop lately. About to debut my new band. JoeBoy and THE BULLRIDERS UNION. New Music Hall opening on May 3rd. 5 shows before the Big LakeFest and all is on track. Bought a new electric guitar that also has piezo in the bridge. My new Grandson Kason likes it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And So It Begins

Finds me in great Spirits. Good enough to step from behind the Producer's desk, and back on stage. Everything is in a pre-production phase, but JoeBoy will be back and doing some shows by March. Also working on getting Ben Kweller to do some shows at the Old Municipal Auditorium in Greenville. Maybe 2 or 3 shows and a Live DVD release of the best of those shows. Once the idea is constructed properly, it will be pitched to Ben's label ATO Records. His fans are screaming for a DVD. A great Homecoming concert for Ben to add to his catalog. Hope everyone is great. Sharon says hello. I am so happy for my friend Gary Stockton. He is playing out in public again. I hope to catch his show sometime soon. Stay Tuned, or as close to being in tune.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Winds Down

Temps up here. 103F several days in a row. I played handyman Sunday. I replaced LawnMower blades on Sharons lawn tractor and her push mower. We also off loaded 10 big round bales of hay that I had delivered. Thank God she has a swimming pool. I enjoyed a swim, while the horses and llamas enjoyed new hay. We went to my fav place Port Aransas back in July. Took the RV and had a great time. Caught several nice Sand Trout, a few Croakers, and some Hard Head Catfish. All were set free to swim again. Hope all is well with everyone. Give me a shout.
Pic of me and Sharon at a Banquet a few months back.

Love Joseph

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring Time and New Old Feelings

Well I have been an internet slacker. So here I go again. First I have to announce that Sharon and I are together again. She is still recovering from her accident and I am still having issues with my eye sight. All in all though things are good. I know some of you took my post about putting The Who back in the box a little too darkly. It was not meant to be a bash on anyone other than myself. Some of you got that. I really enjoyed the peek we got of the gang in the studio the other day.

So Spring is here, I am in love, and life is fucking GREAT!!!!
And I mean that.

Love as always

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Suicide 16 at Greenville High School

Today at 7:15am a 16 year old high school student walked into the Band Hall and shot himself. He died at our local hospital 45 minutes later. My thoughts were what could be so bad at 16 to make one kill themselves. We all live in different worlds at different times. I just can not understand this.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Marine's Funeral

Yesterday I attended a funeral. There was a Marine Honor Guard, a 21 Gun Salute, and Taps was played on a bugle. This was not a Marine who died in Iraq. He was 83 years old. His name was Matthew Monk. He was a WW2 and Korean War veteran. He was a POW in Japan. He was a Father and a Grandfather. He was Sharon's father. I never met Mr. Monk, but I felt I knew him. He had followed along the same path as my father. Both had worked in the Civilian Conservation Corp, and both had left their youth behind on a WW2 battlefield. We must remember these troops also. It is so easy to say we support the troops. This has become just a passe term for political crap these days. Most of our old Vets are in the ground now. New war veterans are created by the minute. Debts that can never be repaid. Families left with empty sorrow. Mr. Monk left behind a family with something to reflect on. Something we all should reflect on. Way beyond 911, and way beyond the shores of America. Thank You Mr. Monk.