Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pax Romana and Seano

One of the bands that I am involved in producing is Pax Romana. My special interest being my son Sean is the drummer. Sean was heavily influenced by my musical taste. I gave him my old set of drums, and a few quick lessons. He took to it like he was born to drum. Keith Moon still has an effect on children today. He Jams with me every now and then. I show him what I feel the drums should be and he takes it to his own level in a wonderful way. So really Sean is my drummer too. He is just so involved in College and his band that we see each other only once in a while. I multitrack everything anyway. I am my band these days. Pax now plays live in the Deep Ellum section of Dallas. We go into pre production this Sunday for their first set of demos and their first release. I am so excited for them. It is such a honor to be their producer, and to be able to share my studio with them. If they grow beyond my level, I hope to turn them over to capable hands.

Check out some of the Art on Mikey's Blog Mikey is an EEL PIE artist and very good. You can Catch him on WHOTV along with Rachel Fuller. Special guest pop in also. WHOTV can be found on the web Rachel is an EEL PIE artist also. She is a another artist that has caught my attention with her music. Mikey seems to be into the full spectrum of art. He does music, drawing, and film. I do the music and film, but I really can't flippin draw a stick figure. I enjoy their work and hope you will also.


At 5:52 AM, Blogger PTfan said...

That's great that you have a talented son and that you can work together. It must be neat to see him blossom like that and reach higher levels!


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