Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Silver and Hope

This morning’s news brought more heart ripping views of children whose parent is in Iraq serving in the US Military. The children were at school writing to their parent serving in Iraq. One child read their letter. It said “If you are really not coming home this time, please tell me now. I do not want to go through this anymore.” This just ripped through me, and I had to compose myself a bit to even continue to watch. I realized though that I had changed for the better. I listened to the entire story. This was a first for me. Usually I would just change the channel or walk out of the room. If it was bad enough, sometimes a glass of Brandy or Whiskey made the feelings go away. I guess this summer was tuff enough to make me feel again. Emotions I had long since lost control of are now back under control. All this with no medicines to make me this way. Yippee! This summer, I lost one of the true loves in my life. She was killed in a pedestrian accident. We had been apart a few years, but she and I always kept in touch. Not very frequently, but non-the less in touch. I had to do a regime of anti viral meds this summer. Seems somewhere along the way, I picked up Hepatitis C. I am so very fortunate that I am now clean of the “Silent Killer” and back to feeling great again. Being sick for so long made me lose track of what feeling good is. I guess what I am trying to say here is the silver lining in the darkest of clouds and the darkest of days always comes out. One has to take notice. I have taken notice and I thank God for the day. All is now gravy for JoeBoy. I still have my bad times, but in hindsight, it all could be much worse. Sympathy is not what I am seeking. I hope this gives someone hope. Hope and Information is really what I am about now. I hope the war stops soon, and the children have their parent back home. The war in my head did. It ended today.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joe....that arm looks rough...hope it heals up.

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Thanks for your post.


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