Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hitting On All Cylinders

The BullRiders Union pulled into Texas for a fun day of music at Kweller's LakeFest July 5th
This was really an extended all day jam. I spent more than 8 hours playing, and we ended up the night at 12:30 with an awesome FireWorks Show as we left the stage. I was in heaven. Shared the stage and rocked the house down in the end. Special thanks to Howie Kweller, Ben Kweller, Scotty Wray, John Kent, Carlo Falco, and the crowd.    The next day, I realized that at my age, these things still happen.  Hope all is well. Still a busy boy, but I gotta take some time off soon.
Links will be posted soon to photos and vids on YouTube. Happy Bday Ringo.
Oh and thanks to the crew. You guys had it the hardest, and made things happen.


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