Thursday, February 01, 2007

Putting The Who Back in the Box


I had a recent conversation with a friend. He is also a Doctor. We were talking about things we hold dear for our entire life, and the things that come and go. He brought up The Who in this conversation. We talked about how Pete Townshend had put so much out on the Internet to his fans and friends. I came to the realization that I missed the place in my memory that The Who have always held. That this "Over Exposure" to Townshend and his life, had diminished the memory that I had kept in this little box in my head. I felt sad. I felt I could never put Pete and The Who back in that little box. Some time passed and I drew back from posting comments on his girlfriend's blog. I stopped reading his Web Site. I had grown tired of all the marketing of everything Who and Townshend related. So I retreated to the things I had always loved about the band, and a miracle happened. The Who went back in the little box. I reflect back on the days now, and stay away from the rest. Yes I visit once in a while, but remain strong in the fact that no matter how they show up, no matter what they call themselves, no matter what girlfriend they have. They will always be Pete, Roger, John, and Keith. The other players come and go. Not one of the other players is a pioneer, nor an Icon. Just lovers and other talented musicians. My first wife told me once, that if Pete put out an Album of burps and farts, I would buy it and rave on about how great it is. I used to believe that was true, but time has proved her wrong. Make no mistake, this is not in anyway putting down any of those people. Nor is it anything against their efforts to share their wares and market them. It is simple. It is me. The real me. Can you see?



At 3:37 AM, Blogger PTfan said...

Hey, I just now saw that you stopped by my blog recently. So how the heck are you?

The Who/Pete/Rachel web experience has changed for me too. Not really for the same reasons though. Last year, my work hours were different and I could be a part of the Attic when it was broadcast live and chat with our fellow bloggers at the same time. I was chatting with Simon on his blog, but then it got to be flirty and I stopped that, cuz even though I know nothing would come of it and Simon flirts with EVERY woman, my boyfrined gives me lots of freedom and he trusts me. I didn't want to violate that trust. Now Simon hasn't blogged in forever, so I can't even talk to him normal anymore. I find it hard to blog at all because I am so busy.

Rachel's blog has taken off and she has a gazillion people on there and she doesn't respond personally like she used to. Pete's not online anymore...It's just not the same. And even when they were more accessable, they still kept their distance, so for me it felt like a fake close. I bought into it at first, but found out, they just aren't like my other blogging buddies. And that's what was weird, because since they were acting like just regular people, I expected them to be, but then they kept their distance, unlike my other blogging buddies. I don't know what I felt. Then it was all like "you have to be here for this broadcast and see this and be here for that" and it was all really tempting because Pete and Simon were involved, but I have a life. When I was a teenager, I was able and willing to revolve my whole life around the Who and anything related to Who. But now I choose not to. There are other people in my life that I consider a much higher priority than they. The real people in my life also invest in me. Rach, Pete, Simon, etc...don't invest in me. They just reach out to me in hopes I invest in them. I still like what they do, but I'm not going to go crazy over everything they have to offer. And I'm sure not going to pretend they are my frineds.

It was a weird ride. A bit different than yours, but a weird ride none the less.

Good to hear from you!
: )

At 8:57 PM, Blogger Nabonidus said...

I think you grew up, Joe. :)
When you say "It is me". Truer words were never spoken. Only it's "It is me, a grown man- independent."
Because I do think that's part of it.
It has to be, because they came to us in our youth, when we weren't entirely whole people yet. Wholly formed. The bands that you discover in your youth, it's different from your fave bands you discover later.
I'm not saying things very well right now. As you saw, I'm not feeling my best -
But I thank you for your true words over there, as well. :) xo Lisa


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